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Ashtanga Yoga Asanas

"Yoga means the yoking, or union, of mind, body, and soul, leading toward self-realisation. In order to achieve this union, it is first necessary to take control of the mind and remove the unnecessary stimuli and clutter that get in the way of clarity. Within the eight-limbed system of Ashtanga, the third limb is Asana. This is the practice of classical yoga postures. and it is the device that ties the mind to the body through the thread of the breath. In this system, the breath becomes the key to focussing the mind"

John Scott, Ashtanga Yoga (2000, Simon & Schuster).


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Dani Ceccarelli in Natarajasana, a posture from the Advanced-A series.


Shown below are the Asanas of the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. Please seek advice from a teacher before practicing the Asanas. On Magnetic Island Dani Ceccarelli holds practice sessions twice weekly - click here for class times or email Dani.


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Dani Ceccarelli in Urdhva Dhanurasana, a posture from the Primary series.


Ashtanga Yoga Upaya


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