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Name:                                       Stephen James Neale

Address:                                    PO Box 678

                                                Townsville. 4810

                                                ph 0414 511 943


Home Address:                         13 Barbarra street

                                                Picnic Bay

                                                Magnetic Island. 4819.

                                                Ph 07 47581624

Business Name:                         STATUS (ABN 33299176044)


Date of Birth:                            9 December 1966.


Citizenship:                                Australian.


Education:                                 Bachelor of Science (1988), University of                                                                 Queensland.


Training and skills:                 500 hours of underwater videography experience.

1300 hours logged SCUBA diving

Part 1 diver: Australian diver accreditation scheme

NAUI openwater diver

Small boat licence.

                                                Shipboard safety certificate.

Advanced resuscitation and O2 certificate.

Radio operators licence.

                                                Identification of corals to species level.

                                                C class drivers licence.

                                                Diploma of travel writing and photography.


Current Employment: Consultant for the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Centre for Marine Studies (CMS - University of Queensland) and Burnett Shire Council.


Memberships:                            The Australian Coral Reef Society and Australian Marine Sciences Association


Employment Record


Present employment


Currently employed as a consultant for the AIMS Long Term Monitoring Project, Sea Temperature Monitoring Program (AIMS, GBRMPA) and the Ocean Outfall Monitoring Program for the Burnett Shire Council. I also periodically analyse underwater videos for the Woongarra Marine Park Monitoring and Education Project (WMPMEP) and provide support and education to the WMPMEP in data collection methodologies and techniques.


The AIMS Long Term Monitoring Program visits 50 reefs within the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) each year. Detailed fish, coral and crown of thorns starfish surveys are conducted at each reef. I am currently contracted to analyse/sample 270 video transects filmed in the previous years surveys and to participate in the field. The field component involves the use of a digital video camera to film the benthic community along the transect length. 


The Sea Temperature Monitoring Program has over 100 sea temperature dataloggers positioned throughout the GBR. After measuring the sea temperature every 30 minutes for 12 months they are replaced and returned. I am directly involved in the retrieval and replacement of data loggers. I am solely responsible for the downloading, ‘cleaning’ of data, calibration and maintenance of the dataloggers and the writing of progress reports. This project is ongoing and represents 50 days work per year.


The Ocean Outfall Monitoring Project for the Burnett Shire Council comprises two parts. Firstly, use underwater video belt transects to monitor benthic communities at impact and control sites surrounding the outfall. Secondly, water quality sampling at sites adjacent to the outfall. I am responsible for the entire project from hire of boats and divers to the production of reports and analysis of video footage. The project sampling design and techniques are currently under review according to the recommendations put forward by myself in 2000.


August 1998 to March 2001


Participated on a two-week field trip to Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea to survey coral reefs within marine protected areas. Surveys use the line-intercept method of ascertaining the diversity of the benthic communities at these reefs.


Employed to co-ordinate the Ocean Outfall Monitoring Project for the Burnett Shire Council.


Completed underwater video analysis of transects for the Flinders Reef Monitoring Project, Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage (QDEH), Brisbane.


Employed on a variety of projects as a Marine Consultant including: Part two of the GBRMPA study into the coral bleaching event of 1998, analysis of underwater benthic video transects for Sinclair Knight Merz (environmental consultants), QDEH and AIMS. Engaged with AIMS for a detailed study into the effects of cyclone Rona on coral reefs in the Cairns Sector. Successfully tendered for the GBRMPA Sea Temperature Monitoring Program in August 1998. Employed as a Coral Specialist for two field trips (40 days total) with the AIMS Long Term Monitoring Project in October and November 1999.


January 1998 to July 1998

Consultant for the GBRMPA Monitoring Program. During this period 745 underwater video transects required analysis using detailed coral taxonomy skills. Of the 745 transects, 275 transects from inner and mid-shelf reefs were filmed by myself using underwater video. These transects represent the first part of a detailed study into the coral bleaching event that occurred in Jan/Feb of 1998.


November 1997 to December 1997

Participated in a 21-day field trip to the Capricorn Bunker and Swain regions of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) with Long Term Monitoring Project (LTMP) at AIMS. My duties were to replace underwater site markers on permanent long term monitoring sites assist in manta tow surveys of reef perimeters and take video footage of underwater belt transects.


September 1997 to November 1997

Contracted as an Environmental Scientist for Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd to assist in the Port Hinchinbrook Environmental Monitoring Program. A rigorous study involving daily turbidity measurements using a hand-held nephelometer and fixed dataloggers at a range of sites offshore from the Port Hinchinbrook Resort, Cardwell. The measurements were then detailed in a report and submitted daily to several independent assessors. This work required boat handling skills, the ability to work to tight deadlines, knowledge of SPSS and excel (within the windows 97 environment) maintenance of equipment (including calibration of data loggers) and good communication. 


April 1996 to June 1996

Contracted by AIMS as an Experimental Scientist within the LTMP to coordinate surveys of benthos at reefs in the Townsville section of the GBR  using underwater video. Assisted in water sampling and crown-of-thorn surveys.


January 1992 to June 1994

Contracted by the Long Term Monitoring Program at AIMS to assist in the setting up of long term monitoring sites on the GBR. Develop a method of surveying sites using underwater video. Training of personnel from QDEH and GBRMPA in underwater videography and techniques for videoing transects correctly and efficiently. Analyse underwater videos using detailed coral taxonomy skills. Rigorous checking, analysis and presentation of data. Organising and participation in 20 field trips to the GBR. Acting as team leader for several field trips and reporting of results to the participating government body (GBRMPA). Work closely with other members of the Program in water sampling, fish and crown-of-thorn surveys.


August 1989 to March 1991

Employed by the James Cook University to coordinate detailed sediment, algal and coral surveys at Magnetic Island, Townsville as part of an environmental impact assessment for the proposed Magnetic Quays Resort Complex. Coordinate a team of divers to collect sediment traps every 10 - 14 days (a total of 42 field trips), analyse samples within a narrow time frame and report results. Survey corals using underwater camera (over 1000 photos taken) and line intercept methods. Collect, measure and identify algae. Train new team members in underwater orienteering and collection methods.




Dr Hugh Sweatman

Australian Institute of Marine Science


Townsville. 4810

Ph (07) 47534444


Dr Ray Berkelmans

Australian Institute of Marine Science


Townsville. 4810

Ph (07) 47534268.


Dr Tony Ayling

Sea Research

Mossman. 4873

Ph (07) 40907757




Christie,C.,Neale,S.,Oxley,W.,Osbourne,K.,Done,T.,De’ath,G & Oliver,J (1995).Corals and Sessile Benthos. Long Term Monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef. Status Report No. 1. Vol.1. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville.


Christie,C.,Bass,D.,Neale,S.,Osbourne,K.,Oxley,W (1996). Surveys of Sessile Benthic Communities using the Video Technique. Long term monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef. Standard Operational Procedure No. 2. Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville.


Stephen Neale and Ray Berkelmans (1999). Long Term Sea Monitoring Program Progress Report to the Ports Corporation of Queensland.


Stephen Neale (2001). Environmental Monitoring Report August 2001 - Outfall Monitoring Program, Nielson Park, Bargara.


Stephen Neale (2001). Water Quality Report August 2001 - Outfall Monitoring Program, Nielson Park, Bargara.


Stephen Neale and Ray Berkelmans (2001). Long Term Sea Monitoring Program Progress Report to the Ports Corporation of Queensland.