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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Gregor Alan Calvert
Date of birth: 7 March 1967.
Position Director, Earthworks Environmental Services Pty Ltd.
Expertise Terrestrial vertebrate ecologist, herpetologist, systematic botany, flora and fauna surveys, revegetation.


Academic record:

Date Qualification Institution
1992 BSc.: Botany and Zoology. James Cook University.
1993 BSc (Hons) 1st class: Botany and anthropology. James Cook University.
Mar 98 to present

Ph.D.: The influence of grazing pressure on the biodiversity of savanna plants.

Q.D.P.I. scholarship, James Cook University.


Professional Experience:

Date Experience Employer
Nov. 99 Consultant: Review of Environmental Factors for road upgrade, Ravenswood. Main Roads Dept.
June 99, Nov 99 Consultant: Review of Environmental Factors (flora & fauna) for highway upgrade: Gregory Dev. Hwy Sinclair Knight Merz
Jun 98 Consultant: Review of Environmental Factors (flora & fauna), proposed highway bypass, Burdekin. McIntyre & Associates.
Aug 97 Consultant: Assessment of tailings dam rehabilitation at Osborne Mine. James Cook University, for Osborne Mines.
Aug 97 Consultant: Vegetation survey of a section of Ross River to be impacted by sand excavation works. Environmental Solutions and Investigations.
Jul 97 Consultant: Development of self-guiding botanical walk of the Basalt River for eco-tourism purposes. Bluff Downs Pastoral Holdings.
May 97 Consultant: Flora surveys of Defence Force Training Areas. ACTFR for Dept of Defence.
Apr 97 Consultant: Flora survey of proposed sugar cane expansion area, lower Burdekin. ACTFR.
Mar 97 Research Assistant: Field trial experiments of new cockroach baits. University of Technology Sydney.
Jan 97 Consultant: Flora and fauna survey of proposed powerline route between Mt. Isa and Gunpowder. Sinclair Knight Merz.
96 to 98 Junior Research Fellow: Effects of fire on tropical savanna plant and reptile communities. James Cook University.
May 96 Consultant: Fauna and flora survey and vegetation mapping Nammarong Holdings (Mt Surprise). Kinhill.
Mar to
Apr 96
Consultant: Survey of Mahogany Glider distribution, and habitat assessment. Qld DoE (Ingham).
Feb 96 Research Assistant: Factors influencing mortality of mangrove propagules. University of New England & AIMS.
Dec 95 to Jan 96 Consultant: Fauna survey of 3 powerline routes to mines from Mt Isa. Sinclair Knight Merz.
Jan to Feb 95 Research Assistant: Survey of amphibian fauna and experiments on breeding site selection. Zoology Dept. James Cook University.
Mar to
Jun 95,
Jun 97
Project Officer: Identifying protected plants; educating public and nursery industry about plant laws under Nature Conservation Act (QLD). Qld DoE.
Dec 94 Consultant: Flora survey of Copperlode Dam rainforest area near Cairns, Nth Qld. ACTFR.
Jun to Nov 94; Aug to Nov 95 Resident Naturalist: Lead tours demonstrating the wildlife and ecology of Cape York; fauna survey; established district herbarium. Pajinka Wilderness Lodge, Cape York.
Mar to
Apr 94
Consultant: Fauna survey of residential subdivision, Townsville region. Cardno & Davies.
Mar 94 Consultant: Assisted survey of fire effects on vegetation communities, Cape York. ACTFR, for Injinoo Aboriginal Council.
Feb 94 Research Assistant: Investigation of insect use of wildlife corridors through trapping programs. Qld DEH.
Jun 93,
Jan 2000
Consultant: Assisted in vegetation survey and assessment of feral weed impact on Orpheus Island. James Cook University.
Dec 91 to Jan 92 Consultant: Flora and fauna survey of Burdekin Irrigation Scheme. ACTFR.


Teaching Experience:

Date Experience Employer
Oct.-Dec 99, Aug. 98, Mar 97, 98 Guest Lecturer: Aust. Tropical Herpetology, Aust. Vertebrate fauna, Tropical Horticulture & Revegetation, Tropical Landscape Ecology Botany Dept., JCU.
Apr 98 Demonstrator: 2nd year Plant Systematics field trip to Paluma rainforest. Tropical Plant Sciences, James Cook University.
Sep. 96, Aug 97, Nov 97 Instructor: Survival training for Army Squadron, Cape York, Wet Tropics, Townsville. Department of Defence.
Nov. 1995, Dec. 1999-Jan 2000 Naturalist: Natural history tours and Anthropological enrichment lectures aboard luxury cruise ship "Song of Flower" in South Pacific. Raddison Tours "Song of Flower".
93 to 99 Demonstrator: Botany and zoology field methodology for 12 third year zoology field courses. Zoology Department, James Cook University.
Mar 95 Guest Lecturer: Botany for eco-tourism students. Barrier Reef TAFE.
Jan 1992, Jan 1993 Tutor: Ran botany workshops for high school students emphasising edible native plants. Siemens Science Summer School.


Other Qualifications:

Class A Drivers License.
Qld Speed Boat Licence.
Senior (Workplace) First Aid Certificate
Damage Mitigation Permit (QDoE) to remove problem snakes.
Trade Certificate: Electrical fitter/ mechanic (1985-1989).



Date Organisation Position
93 to now Tropical Urban Production & Landcare Group. Committee member.
95 to now Cape York Herpetological Society. Member.
88 to now Society for Growing Australian Plants. Member.
92 to now Australian Food Plants Study Group. Member.
90 to 93 Biological Sciences Society, James Cook University. Member.
79 to 92 North Queensland Herpetological Society. Member.


Postgraduate courses and Workshops Attended:

Date Topic
93 2nd World Congress of Herpetology, Adelaide University.
97 "The burning issues" Fire Management Workshop, Darwin.
97, 98, 99 Botany Postgraduate Conference, James Cook University.
Jul 96 Ecological Society of Australia symposium, JCU.


Seminars and Presentations:

Date Topic Audience
July 99 Fire in tropical QLD ecosystems N Aust. Fire workshop, Cooktown
Jun 98 Environmental Weeds. S.G.A.P. Qld State Conference.
Feb 98 Causes and solutions to land degradation. Quality Industry Training, Mareeba.
Jul 97 "To burn or not to burn" fire management workshop. Students & Sustainability conference, JCU.
Nov 97 Snakes of the Townsville region Museum of Tropical Qld.
90 to 99 Regular guest speaker on botany, zoology and natural history. Biology Dept., JCU, SGAP, Townsville, WPSQ, Townsville.
Oct 88 "Snakes of the Townsville region" as part of the "Toxic plants and animals" program. Queensland Museum
(Nth Qld branch).


Publications and Reports:

Date Title
1999 Richards S., Calvert G. (1999) A range extension for the introduced blind snake Ramphotyphlops braminus. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 43(2):782
1997 Calvert G. Susceptibility of trees in the Townsville/ Thurwingowa area to damage by Cyclone Justin (March 1997). Unpubl. rep. to Townsville City Council.
1996 Calvert G. Management strategies for vine infestations of riparian forests. Unpubl. rep. to Qld. Dept. of Environment, Ingham.
1995 Calvert G. The "direct seeding" approach to land rehabilitation in the Townsville district; a discussion of viable options. Unpubl. rep. to Townsville City Council.
1995 Calvert G. & Cermak M. Common snakes of the Townsville region. (poster) Zoology Dept., James Cook University.
1995 Calvert G. From the very top; Vegetation of northern Cape York Peninsula. Qld Soc Growing Aust. Plants Bull. 33 (4): 33-37.
1994 Calvert G. Growing bush tucker in Tropical Australia. pp 38-44 in Townsend, K (ed). Across the Top: Gardening with Australian Plants in the Tropics. SGAP.
1994 Calvert G. & Roberts C. The Palm Cockatoo. Wildlife Australia 31 (4): 10-12.
1993 Calvert G. Ethnobotany of the Guugu Yimithirr Aboriginal community, Hopevale, Cape York Peninsula. Unpubl. Hons. thesis, Botany Dept., James Cook University.
1992 Calvert G. & Goldberg J. Ross River Flora and Fauna Survey. Unpubl. rep. to Townsville City Council.



Associate Professor Ross Hynes,

CRC for Sustainable Development of Tropical Savannas,
James Cook University, Townsville 4811.
Ph 07 4781 411

Associate Professor Betsy Jackes,

Head of Tropical Plant Sciences,
James Cook University, Townsville 4811.
Ph 07 4781 411