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Our Eco-Expeditions Philosophy

Aerial roots of Rhizophora mangroves, Orpheus Island.

Two concepts shape our Eco-Expeditions Philosophy:

First, everyone's enjoyment of diving or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef can be enhanced if they understand something about the ecology of the ecosystem. At first sight, a coral reef seems like a totally random array of thousands of colourful creatures. Nevertheless, there are many hidden patterns in this randomness, and each creature has a complex life-history that has been shaped by thousands of years of evolution.

The problem is that you only become aware of these patterns and life-histories after hundreds of hours of diving and research in the reef environment!! On a Tevene'i Marine Eco-Expedition, you have the benefit of a professional Marine Biologist on hand to explain this complexity as you see it - the equivalent of adding 500 hours to your dive log!!

For example, on other Dive trips, you may ask a question about "that bright blue fish", and you will be told "that is a Blue Devil", and if you are lucky, someone may know its scientific name!

If you asked the same question on a TEVENE'I MARINE Eco-Expedition, we can explain:


Second, every group of clients is unique, and will have different ecological interests, diving ability, and budget. Rather than force unique people into a rigid diving schedule that visits the same places month after month, we have a policy of working closely with each group of clients to come up with a custom-designed Eco-Expedition!

Giant Clams and Corals at a secret Coral Sea Location.

Through close consultation with Tevene'i Marine Staff, you have input on the places you dive, the types of ecological concepts and organisms you would like to know about, the size and speed of the vessel we charter, and the overall budget for the trip. We believe this personalised service gives you the best chance of total satisfaction and enjoyment with your visit to the Great Barrier Reef!