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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest and most pristine coral reef complex on earth, and people come to Australia from all over the world in order to experience this magnificent ecosystem. While the needs of individual visitors may vary, all have the common desire to maximize their enjoyment of the time they spend on the reef.

At TEVENE'I MARINE, we believe that enjoyment is linked to understanding. If you understand something about the Ecological Themes of the reef and the organisms that live there, this will greatly enhance your underwater observations and lead you to a deeper appreciation of the coral reef ecosystem as a whole. The staff at Tevene'i Marine are professional scientists that have conducted research on the Great Barrier Reef for many years, so we are able to provide the most up-to-date information on coral reef ecology to enhance your underwater experience.

Lizard Island - Ribbon Reefs - Cod Hole: EcoEducational Diving Trips

Our flagship expedition combines diving at three world renowned locations - Lizard Island, the Cod Hole, and the Ribbon Reefs. Guests stay at the Lizard Island Research Station and take part in a detailed program of guided dives, lectures, and underwater research, before joining the Mike Ball Dive vessel Spoilsport for a 3 day live aboard cruise back to Cairns, visiting the Cod hole and several of the Ribbon reefs.

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If your passion is venturing off into the complete unknown, we can also design you a unique Eco-Expedition to the totally unexplored corners of the Great Barrier Reef! We have a commercial roving operator permit for all sections of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which allows us to dive on thousands of individual coral reefs. You tell us where you want to go, and we can take you there! Contact Dr Andy Lewis direct for more information.

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